Creating a Floating Button

Hello, is it possible to make a floating button that a user can click and is directed to a quick popup form where they can input information?

Hi! Check this out - I made for you some example of it. Your button on right down corner named β€œYes”


editor with settings

Please revert if some questions

Wow thank you! This works. It is a little blocky with responsive but thank you!

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Hey is it possible to add an icon in this button?

Yes, :wink: Just insert there an icon, shift workflow in-between and remove button

Thank you it worked!

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So glad that I came across this post as I am trying to build something like this.

I would like to kindly check, will it be possible to make the floating button draggable around the screen? And upon clicking the button, instead of showing a popup, it will open up a menu that can be customised by the users instead?

Thanks in advance for the reply