Creating a form -- workflow is giving an error if nothing after "'s value"

This is a SUPER BEGINNER, most-ultimate-no-coder question, but I’m not even sure what language to use to find the answer, so apologies for how basic this probably is!

I want to create a simple form to create a course on my elearning site. I’m adding this page as an extra from a template I got from the bubble marketplace.

All the data types have been created through the template:

In the workflow, however, some of the fields let me stop at “'s value” but others force me to keep going:

I thought it might be because “courseSections” is a list, but “courseNumber” is not a list.

What is the issue here? I want to be able to add a new section type to the section list AND assign this course a number.

Sorry if I’m misusing any terms! I’m happy to clarify, if needed.

Hi there, @devin… when you click on the issue checker (the red number at the top of the editor), what does it say the issues are? The problem is almost certainly a type mismatch between the field and the input, but the issue checker will tell you what’s going on.


I get this:

I don’t see where to change the value type on the input…

As @mikeloc says, the issue checker will tell you exactly where the problems are…

But just going from your screenshot…

Assuming you ‘Input course section’ is a regular input element, it can only have a single value, but you’re trying to use it to set a list… hence the error… there’s a mismatch between a single thing and a list of things…

And the other one will likely be that your input is a text, but you’re trying to set a number field…

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Update… ah… your inputs are both texts as well… so it’s a double mismatch (of both type, and list/single)…

You can’t use an input element to select a list of things. You can use a multi-select dropdown, which is a Bubble plugin that you have to install.

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So to make sure I understand –

I want to create:
Course name: How to Win
Course number: 001 ← How do I change this value? I assume not under “Content format,” since “Text (numbers only)” didn’t work, either
Section: 1.1 - What is winning? ← in order to add “1.1 - What is winning?” to the list of sections (like adding items to a grocery list), I need a separate plugin?

For the Course Number, the input content format needs to be a number (either decimal or integer)

For the Sections, you need to provide a list of Sections… (currently you’re just providing a single text)…

Best to use a multi dropdown element for that (or a RG), or even some other way of selecting individual sections, but definitely not an input element…

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Okay, I think I’ve got it! I may just have to create the sections ahead of time in the backend that way I can select them here rather than using this form to create the new section.