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Creating a forum \ Sending params to url

i wanna create this: site with a list of themes, when user clicks on a theme’s title, he goes to the theme conversation page. Like here in bubble’s forum.
so how to do this?
I created data Theme (Title, date, Author) and tried to send theme’s Title with a link to another page. But it doesn’t work, I get an error “Data to send should be a Theme but right now it is a text”. So when I send all the Theme how can I extract only theme’s Title on the other page?

Hi Alex,

You can use that Theme and then access its subfields. Do some of the tutorials on your home page, they do a super good job of showcasing this.

As George says, the “sending data to pages” tutorial will be what you want. Well worth doing them all, they are really useful.

Instead of sending the “name” of the Theme, you send the actual Theme “record” (in bubble language this is a THING) to a new page. That sends all the data related to that thing, and you can simply pick it all up on the page and use it.

If you are still having trouble after doing the tutorial do let is know.

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Thx guys, I forgot about this lesson. Thx a lot, now I understand how to do my task. Thx!