Creating a forum timeline

Hey Everyone!

Has anyone built a timeline similar to what we have here on the forum? Trying to replicate something similar and would like to add it to my forum inside each topic (or open to your ideas :slight_smile:) .


Next question: Is there anyway to extract links that are found inside the ‘description’ of a new topic post? I’m trying to build the link preview section of the topic. I’m able to produce the link preview with the ‘Link Preview’ plugin, but would like to extract the website address found in the description without the user having to enter it in a separate ‘link’ input.

Any help is appreciate! :slight_smile:

Hi @lantzgould

This plugin may be used to perform your request. At least @vladlarin can give a definite answer.

Maybe you need to combine them both, you have to ask this too

If they answer, you may have an opportunity for the second question. :wink:

Good luck


Hi @eren!

Interesting approach :thinking: I’ll check these out, thanks! :slight_smile:


Let us know in case of any questions, guys :wink:

@eren, thanks as always!

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Thanks for reply @vladlarin

The question is, can your plugin handle @lantzgould request? If yes, can you describe it? If not, can you add it as a commercial / free plugin to your roadmap?

Do you have a similar plugin? If not, do you have it on your roadmap? Or add to your roadmap?

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Hello @eren @lantzgould

Unfortunately out of the box the plugin can not do, however maybe with some workaround you’ll capture the with plugin the scrolling position and use it to calculate the timeline with another plugin or method.
We’ll see if is feasible and could be implemented. Thanks for interest.

Please check the Link Info and Preview - Link Info and Preview Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

Kind Regards,
Zeroqode Team.

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Thanks everyone for your input!!

I ended up going for and setting up Discourse on my own server, and have all the functionality in my app that we do here on this forum without having to build it… :smile:


Yep, we did the same for Zeroqode Forum too.

Hard to compete with Discourse :sweat_smile:

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Hey @vladlarin,

Quick question regarding your discourse forum… I currently am hosting my discourse on Digital Ocean. But found that with an influx in users recently and users who stay on the page or interact with the forum a ton, it drains the droplet usage meaning more money for me to pay :slight_smile:

Curious how you have your set up, and any suggestions on how to manage the usage so it doesn’t break the bank?

@neerja would it be possible to know how you have yours set up? Are you hosting your own? Anyone from the bubble team who could shed some input on this too?

Thanks! :smile:

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let me answer this for Vlad as I"m taking care of DO droplet - we are paying only $12/month - i guess we don’t have as many users as you? What’s your monthly traffic like?

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Hey @levon!

Thanks for your reply. We only have a 100 users or so in the last few days and I’m using the $15 Plan. I could be wrong in judging if the plan is enough, but I was gearing my question more toward the future if I get more users and they’re using the the forum, what plans others are on and how they manage to not break the bank, lol.

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