Creating a friendly or easily readable url

Thankfully, @jarrad added this feature to his css plugin and it works great.

@stephencharles Tell me more. Is this reliable, Google friendly, etc.?


@romanmg I’m using it to allow users to track their own google analytics and so far so good. I also plan on adding custom seo soon but will have to report back on that after it is implemented.

Any chance you could provide a link to the plugin? Is it this one?

Okay having a little problem @john3, when trying to follow your steps I found myself not being able to do one of the steps, I don’t know if I am missing something or if there’s a trick to it, but when adding the step name (in my case username) contains Get path from page URL, I can’t for the life of me, figure out how to add the :find & replace at the end of it.

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FWIW, the recently released Sudsy Page plugin allows an arbitrary number of path params. Constructing URLs is similar to what’s described in this thread. Then, when the URL is visited, the path parameters are made available in an exposed state, and an event is triggered, allowing a workflow to define exactly what should happen.

Hi John!

You say “Now there is a trick to using this on the page you end up. You have to go look up in the url and bring that unique name down into your data so that your page knows what to look for. Otherwise you have a page but no data to lock onto.”

What’s inside the “Find and replace” you put on the end in the group there?


Pessoal tentem criar o slug do dado com base no titulo, automaticamente vai gerar um slug unico com base no valor, para otimizar utilizen REGEX ou algum plugin de normalização para o slug sair o mais parecido possivel com o valor do titulo.

Depois disso é so utilizar um “go to page” com o dado necessario e deve resolver.