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Creating a large proposal from a bubble page/thing

Hi Bubble fam,
I’ve been making really great progress on my first bubble app, but have hit a major roadblock. Here is the objective:
I have created my app to be a database of diverse marketing content for agencies in the construction industry. Currently, users can use forms to add content into the database. Users can then fill out a from on my app that then can pull from all of the various types of data together to create a proposal. Right now all of this works and the end result is a Proposal card (thing) in my database and a “Proposal Profile” page that contains all of that things data (some of which is manually inputted from the form, others are pulled from existing content from other datatypes). I’m really happy with proposal page right now and it essentially is adequate representation of what a proposal would look like when sending to a client. My challenge is that I need to be able to accomplish two things:

1: To be able to give my users the ability to fine-tune the proposal (both in content and formatting) to be a more highly polished and professional looking document.
2: To be able to save/export to a .pdf for print production or emailing to end client. (this includes page breaks in the right places and hi res images. These proposals are often 15-30 pages long)

I’ve been searching and searching for different plugins or APIs to be able to use and I think my lack of any type of dev experience is starting to show. I think obviously if I can get my proposal into a document editor like google docs, zoho writer, etc., it would solve objective 2 as well. In my mind, I’ve been thinking that somehow converting the html page directly into a formatted document that could be edited should be possible and seems simpler that trying to generate a document from the thing itself. But I have no idea if this is right or how to get there. Would love some help. Here are some key points that may be helpful:

Various Fields in the proposal may or may not be needed, so it isn’t as simple as creating a one-size fits all template.

I have found some plugins that require using JSON data, but I just have no idea how to use them and none of the tutorials seem to explain the concepts that I am missing.

Any help would be awesome.