Creating a list directly from the database

Hi guys, I’m making an app where patients can make appointments with a doctor of his\her choice

These data will be sent to the database, then when the doctor -s\he picked to have an appointment with- log in to his page he can see the message of the appointment, and s\he has two options only “Accept” or “Refuse” if s\he accepts he can view the information of the patient, my problem is how to tell the app that when the doctor press the accept button next to the time range of this patient’s appointment you have to navigate him to a page including all the patient’s information that is already in the database???

Unless you need to leave the page and load a different page for some reason, I would probably just create a new group or a popup that displays the patient’s information, with the data type of PATIENT. Uncheck the visible on page load option, and only SHOW the element when you click Accept.

Each appointment request Thing should have a field for PATIENT – a link to the patients info Thing. (which is set when the patient first creates the request)
Then, the Accept button workflow would be: SHOW ELEMENT (your new popup/group > DISPLAY DATA IN ELEMENT (same element, DATA = This Cell’s Patient)

You can add an OK button to HIDE the popup and go back to your list of appointments.

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Hi @ryanbeaucher I did what you said, but it is showing all my patient’s data, not the specific patient that actually took the appointment

You’re almost there, just add a constraint to the search in your text field-- PATIENT = Parent Groups Patient.
Should do the trick?

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