Creating a list of child records filtered by parent

Hi all, I’m new to Bubble and so forgive me if this is a basic question! I have three tables, which are all many:one - i.e. user > child> grandchild

I set up a grid with nested repeating tables for a create/edit feature, and that worked fine. Now what I need to do is create a new page that lists all the grandchild items where the user=current user and one of the fields of the parent table has a certain value. I tried to do this using the nested repeating groups, but I can’t get an evenly spaced list (as each child has a different number of grandchildren), and so using the nested repeating group the height of the child group cell doesn’t expand or contract based on the number of grandchildren.

What I’d really like to do if it’s possible is just have the grandchild table as the only repeating group, but restrict what’s viewed based on parent field values. I’m not seeing that’s possible?

Settings on the layout tab would fix that like making min height 0 and/or conditionals to make it not visible when the number of item is 0

It is possible, just create the repeating group and in your datasource do the search and filter based on the parent field value

Thank you! The settings solved the problem, but I couldn’t seem to find the parent fields in the datasource…

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