Creating a list of things based on the number of another linked thing

Hey all :wave:

I’m looking for the best way to use an RG to display a list of things by the count of another thing they are linked to. e.g. say you have an “Artist” thing and then a “List of songs” on the Artist. I’m looking to sort by artists with the most songs added in the past 7 days for example.



Have the artist dataobject use a number field that houses the number of songs (updated to consider the count of songs including this latest one everytime a user or admin user adds a new song to the artist list of songs)

Assuming the song object has a date field of type date. Then … in your RG write an expression in the data source to do a search for artists’ songs with a constraint “date > current date: days -7”

Hope this helps! :+1:

Thanks so much for this Carlos! Would that search give you a list of songs, or a list of artists? I’m looking for a list of Artists


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