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Creating a list of videos

I’m trying to create a list of .mp4’s that users can submit and I can download using the multi file uploader. Currently I can see the list of entires in the data tab, however they show up as text instead of a downloadable file. Can this be fixed?

This is what I currently see:

We don’t support list of things in the data tan ey, the best way here is to build a page to build your own admin panel. It’s quick and you’ll be able to do what you want there.

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Thanks for the advise, how do I preview the files on this admin panel? I tried making a group but I can’t make the data source the multi-file-uploader because it’s on a different page…


Could you give me a really quick rundown of how I could do this?

Well, it’s like building another page for your users, but this user is you, so you add the actions you need to modify/delete/create things in your db.

So just create a new page called admin, and add in buttons and lists.

If you want it to be secure, you can add a “When Page Is Loaded” and redirect if it isn’t your email address.



Is this possible for assigning a list of downloadable videos to each user? Along with the data source of these videos being the multifile input?

If so, how would I attempt doing this?

Thanks for your help.


So, you would like to upload a list of videos to a particular user ?

Is that right ?


Not quite, they would upload the videos- I would be able to download them. Basically a video handover with multiple files.

Ok so you are going to have to store them somewhere. The “Upload” doesn’t do that automatically, you need to tell Bubble to do this.

Bear in mind this is a list of files on an upload thing.

Then you can create a repeating group within a repeating group (as an example, no doubt many ways to do this).

Each cell holds an external link to the file on an upload thing.

So you can left click to preview, or right click to download.


this is awesome! thanks.

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can you go into more detail on how you tied the list of files in the database to the repeating group(s)?

Will see if I can find this example from back in May.

But I think I just had a list of data types of type “file” on the user.