Creating a list with duplicate items

Or just use a component that DOES support duplicate values, like the Custom List state in List Shifter, the Floppy’s RAM List state in Floppy, or one of the Aux List states in Polyhedra.

(An Aux List state in Polyhedra would actually be the lowest-overhead route as that element is quite small codewise. Those states are only numeric, but it seems like the list you’re constructing is numeric, so would work. You can append or prepend list values using Polyhedra’s Set/Mod Aux List action and select from any of 30 predefined numeric states.)

List Shifter is more flexible, supporting nearly any data type, and I described to another user how to use it for this sort of list construction earlier today here:

Floppy’s RAM List is even more flexible, but somewhat overkill for this specific task (though that plugin and its siblings have many many other features and applications.

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