Creating a Membership with Stripe & Automating Workflows before Expiration


I am building a holiday rentals site, where owners can add their own properties and list them for visitors to stumble upon and view, no booking system (only owners login).
I have built the owners admin side of things for adding the listing, but slightly puzzled with regards to the best way to go about a subscription/membership model - as the owners can add their listing at 200 euros per year to advertise. I have the Stripe plugin installed on my site.

So essentially my question/s is:

  1. Should I use a Stripe subscription to manage the membership of an owner OR just ‘charge the current user’ and structure a membership system within Bubble?

  2. How can I manage the subscription when it comes to the end of the 1 year membership, as we will not be using auto-renew - can this be automated through Bubble to send an email and allow a user to login and see a ‘Renew’ button x days before the membership expires?

  3. Can a stripe payment/invoice be pulled into a page, for the owners to see what past payments they have made?

Cheers guys!

Bump - any insights appreciated guys.