Creating a multistage field service report

Hi guys, i need a help here to build a field service report

I’m trying to build a field service report which consist of the initial report submitted by clients,

1 - User have to submit a basic brief of the report
2 - Upon the visit of the sites, user will be required to submit details about the built system (could be a multiple listing)
3 - After submission of the system details, the user will require to submit another report regard on the solution provide to the service
4 - After the inspection of service, user will sometime require to submit a part replacement report for the serviced system.

I have build 4 different database
1 - Basic report database for the user to submit the initial reported issue from clients
2 - A system report for the user to add related system to service into the report
3 - A inspection report for the user to submit their finding during the visit
4 - A part replacement report to submit for approval from executives

How can i link all the database to be view as a single page report ?
Any way i can do a data referencing to filter in order to provide a single page view ?