Creating a new box when a button is pressed

How would I create a new box when a certain button is pressed?

You could create the box in the editor, and un-select the tick box for This element is visible on page load. In the workflow for the button press, you use the element action to Show that box.

But what if I want this to occur indefinitely? I want the user to continually be able to create new boxes by pressing a button.

I don’t recall anybody ever discussing the ability to create elements in live mode. Would it work for you to have a repeating group with a data source that points to a thing you create, and displays the box? Then when users click to create a new box, you do a create a thing action which adds a row to the repeating group.

Yes, in that case OP is looking for a repeating group with Extended Scrolling type behavior as the easiest way to implement. This is exactly how my Airbnb-inspired photo uploader works. (Posted image in showcase recently. At some point I may release as a template once it’s entirely complete.)

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