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Creating a Paid Fitness App?

Hi There!

I am looking to build fitness app, ideally it would meet all the following requirements

(1) Host workout information (text)
(2) Host exercise videos (embedded videos)
(3) Have a marketplace with products

This app would be a paid application with different payment cycles (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

I am new here so leaning on the community to see if this is doable / the best place to start.

Thank you all in advance!


Check bubble templates…

The comment above isn’t the most helpful. The templates will really only help you get so far. Yes this is 100% doable. It’d take a bit of learning and playing around with bubble to figure it out but once you get the hang of things you’ll start flying through development.

If you haven’t already I’d start by doing the tutorials provided by bubble and watching some tutorials on YouTube.

If you need any help learning, feel free to message me.

If the app is paid, whether it be subscription or one time, using the Stripe plugin would be your best bet.


Awesome, going through the training modules as we speak!

Once developed, could the mobile app be published to the iOS app store & Google play?

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you can, but only by using outside solutions, like this

I built a similar thing. Please check the link below for your reference.

hello, I would like to know your model, would you like to make it available for testing? I’m new and I’m learning to use bubble

I would be more than happy to sell you a copy of it as a template? I haven’t published it yet to the marketplace but I will do that this week and if it gets approved you can then purchase it.

ps: I advise you to start out with a simple project to learn Bubble. Try creating a todo app where you can mark tasks as finished and undo/erase them as well as displaying the progress for each todo.

An experienced bubbler can build that out within one hour with a simple UI/UX. I think if you are new to bubble this should give you something to work on for 4 -5 hours and will also teach you the basic fundamentals of Bubble.

So a basic project would look like:

* Create a Todo
* Mark Todos as finished
* Track Progress for Todos with Labels
* Matching a todo with a User managing the Todo, could be the creator
* Undo/Erase Todos
* Adding Notifications/Alerts for each change made to Todos
* Creating the Database tables to hold the information for all Todos
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If you are interested in building a fitness app I strongly recommend this article - There’s an excellent post on how to create a fitness app with MVP

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Hi @ulloarich !! Did you end up building this? I would love to chat with you about it. Have a similar thing I am trying to put together.

We have a template for workout tracking. It should be ready on the new engine by this Friday. I’ll post another update when thats the case.