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Hopefully someone can help me. I am totally new to this.

I am a having a bit of a challenge not knowing what type of search constraints I should apply to not count all of the reviews. I want to be able to count only the “Yes” will work again (from dropdown with a “yes” and “no” option) for current client only.

Here is a screenshot of what I have:

Thanks in advance.

Use the same logic that math use for percentage.
(Do a search for YES:count / Do a search for all review)*100 (better to activate the new parenthesis feature in settings tab :wink: )

Don’t quite understand what I need to do use for the YES.

Also, can’t seem to find where to find where to enable the parenthesis. Do you need to have a paid subscription?

I don’t think you need a paid subscription. Go in settings tab and you should find versions tabs and experimental feature.
I cannot tell you which field to use for the “YES” item to find, but you need to use a contraints to filter items that are yes and all items. But this depend on your DB structure.
If reviews have a field for YES, it will work.
If “Work” is a related DB, you should probably consider to Search work directly.
If not possible, you could probably use
Search for reviews:s each item’s work:filtered (and now set a constraint for the YES field):count / Search for revviews each items work:count

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found how to enable the parenthesis (add screenshot)

and got it working by following your steps.

You are a life saver. A thousand thank you.


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