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Creating a repeating group for notifications of different types


I’m trying to display profile notifications, e.g:

• USER has booked a viewing at your property PROPERTYNAME (View button) - the view button brings up details related to the viewing

• USER has submitted an application for PROPERTYNAME (view button) - the view button does the same as above, but for the application

• USER has accepted your viewing for PROPERTYNAME (view button)

• USER has rejected your viewing for PROPERTYNAME

• USER has rejected your application for PROPERTYNAME, etc. etc.

Can I do this with 1 repeating group, or will I need to have a group for each of these things? E.g. a group for viewings, a group for applications, a group for confirmation/rejection notifications?


You could create a new datatype called Notifications. Each of your desired notification triggers would also create a new Notification with related data, and you could also have a Read=Yes/no-field.
Your repeating group would have the Notification datatype.

You can set the type of Repeating Group to be text, then merge all the searches together.

But, as above, you may be better off having a seperate thing, as you will greater control.

Ah, so I create a Data Type called Notifications, and then I create all fields for the different notification types (I’m not too sure what fields I’d need here – user/property name/id)?

How can I ‘call’ the relevant notifications to be displayed, e.g. have the ‘USER has booked a viewing’ notification displayed, plus the ‘USER has submitted an application’ etc. notifications? I need to reference them somehow I’m guessing?


If I have 1 repeating group, can I display different data types (e.g. VIEWINGS and APPLICATIONS), or would you recommend a different repeating group for both data types?

If I have a repeating group for each data type, can I display different messages? E.g.

• USER has booked a viewing at your property PROPERTYNAME

• USER has rejected your viewing for PROPERTYNAME

• USER has accepted your viewing for PROPERTYNAME

Mashing VIEWINGS and APPLICATIONS into the same Repeating Group isn’t going to be particularly easy.

So you could …

  1. Use a Tab (so two repeating groups that display depending on what tab is being shown) to switch

  2. When you create each VIEWING or APPLICATION your could create a Notification field on each one that is the Text you want “Users Name + has xxxxxxx at your Property yyyyyyy” and then have the repeating group as type Text and MERGE the two together.

  3. Create the NOTIFICATION thing we mentioned earlier.

Store the User who did the action, and the Property name, as well as the User who is the Owner of the Property, and lastly you need some sort of type “Viewing Rejection” “Booking” etc.

Then on the RG you have a set of conditions that formats the text depending on the type.

So Notifying User’s User name “has rejected…” Property’s Property Name … or something like that.

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