Creating a Sales Dashboard in Bubble

I’m working on a project where I aim to create an administrative dashboard to track sales data.

The goal is to display data in the form of line and pie charts, as well as in a tabular layout similar to Excel. I’m starting this from scratch and need help with setting it up.

Here are the specific details of what I want to achieve:

  1. Data Collection: I have an “Orders” data type that stores each sale, including the product sold, the quantity sold, and the total price (which is price * quantity). The sum of all total prices will represent the total sales.

  2. Charts: I aim to display sales data (monthly, weekly, daily) as line and pie charts. I’d appreciate any advice on how to set this up efficiently in Bubble.

  3. Table for Sales Data: Lastly, I want to create a table to display sales data. This table should have the functionality to filter data (by product, total price, etc.) and sort by various parameters (like price).

If anyone could provide guidance, plugins recommendations, or point me to relevant resources, I would greatly appreciate it.

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