Creating a searchable database

In my app, I want users to be able to search for an item and get a yes, no, maybe result. For example, the user searches for “apple” and they get a result of “yes”. (Simple I know, just trying to be clear). I assume that is done in the database section but how?


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I know this is going to sound annoying but you should read the “learning center guides” and buy a udemy course. I was totally confused at first but after 1 month, I can do a ton of stuff and my whole site is working except a few issues.

Also I think watching these helped me a TON!! :slight_smile:

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Ok, I’ll check it out. Does the Udemy course answer this question specifically or is it more general information?

It definitely deals with search and will get you the answer.

@mgray, sorry to bug you again. But can you explain how it’s done? I want to make 2 lists. One approved list and one denied list. When the user does a search they see either the approved page or the denied page. There’s also an error page if the item is not on either list. I’d really appreciate the help. Thanks

Hello @sherene.rance. Yes it will show you how to do that. It’s definitely a long explanation.

Did you watch the step by step instruction here?

Watch this one.


@romanmg has a great course and many additional tutorials. You should consider one of these because it will teach you how Bubble “thinks” and will give you all sorts of ideas on how to create solutions.

Without putting in the time to go through one of these courses you’re limiting yourself with what you can accomplish, and you’ll continue asking questions about things that have already been addressed, or could be figured out if you understood the basics.

The help offered in this forum is a great resource. But one has to consider the time it takes to address your question and provide a solution. Should the forum members put in more time answering your question than you’re willing to put in yourself to learn the platform?


Thanks, I’ve watched that video a few times (just incase I missed it) I see how she does the interaction (which is super helpful) but it doesn’t explain how she put in the data. At 8:13 it looks like exactly like what I need but she doesn’t explain. When I try, all the car types go across horizontally not vertical like hers.She also changed the column names so she could input colors.

I bought the Udemy course you suggested. He inputs data using an excel file but Bubble says my subscription level doesn’t allow that.

Yes, I believe one of her videos is what I’m addressing in my comment above.

  1. You need to add the entry per below. 2) You need to add in field that you want.

Step 1

Step 2