Creating a similar "Google forms" app

I would like to create an app similar to Google Forms, in which there is a user who creates a questionnaire with the questions he chooses and then another user fills in the answers, I created a “Form” data type in which another datatype is added type which is “form” as list. However, I don’t know how to create the “Compiled form” object in which you see questions and answers. Can someone help me? Thanks!

I don’t grasp what you mean and suggest not to use the same label for multiple data types but the basics of it is to have a data type with the question and answer ype and answer options and link all to a parent data set. If the questions are dynamically based on previous answers, then there would have to be fields that are linked to the next question based on a answer.

Thankfully this has been discussed before so check out the most recent thread about it Dynamic Answers Form or all relevant posts here.

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