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Creating a to do list

I am trying to create an app where the users create a project and define the milestones and departments involved.

I want to create a dashboard table that lists all of the milestones and allows the user to assign a department to each milestone from a dropdown. I cannot figure out how to create this table.
Ideally, this table would have header columns which would make the data in the table sortable by column.

This is all done via repeatable groups. have you watched the video tutorials yet?

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I have watched the tutorials I guess I need to practice some more to understand how to make this work the way I envision it.

The only “hard” part is the sortable column, and that’s not really “hard” it’s just something you need to figure out once. Everything you ask for is basic and covered in the tutorials.

Here’s a rough skeleton of what you need to do after you have created your data models (your Things):
Create a page with a form with all of the details you need. “Project Name”, “Description”, etc. and put a button under it. Create a workflow that creates a new Thing (Project, in your case) using the form’s values.
create a repeating group, set the content/type (forgot exactly what it’s called) to projects. Put a text box inside of it, use dynamic text to “do a search for - Projects”

That should give you a start. Rewatch those tutorial videos and do the interactive tutorials also.


The trick here is to make sure your database is set up correctly. The Things I’d have for this in addition to User are Project, Milestone, and Department. They should be able to reference each other… For example, your Project type should have a field that is a list of Milestones and a field that is a list of Departments.

Say your repeating group displays all Milestones for a specific Project. From there you could put a drop down menu inside the first cell (it’ll show up in each cell) with a button. The button can trigger adding the dropdown’s value (in your case, a department) to that cell’s list of departments.

It’s all about how you structure your database so that you can access your data in the way you want.


I am not disagreeing with the above at all, sound advice all.

But … Don’t sweat the database set up TOO much right now. You will learn a lot from just getting stuck in and building.

Create a rough prototype structure now, it is easy to set up again when you know more about you app.

And it is a lot easier to help when you can point people at s real app.


Totally agree with this. Just keep building! Get stuck and figure out how to get unstuck!

I just wanted to point out that the some of the fundamental logic may be overlooked from the excitement of wanting to build. Yes, you’ll learn a lot from just getting after it, but understanding some of the fundamentals will give you more to get after.