Creating a user signup sequence (signup at the end)

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I am about to create a user signup sequence during which I actually collect and signup the user at the end. I have a popup with 3-4 groups which will show/hide conditionally while going through the process. The last being the actual signup with email and name.
Since I will obviously want to save the data I am collecting before the user signed up, I am not sure how to approach efficiently.

Can someone give me some examples or approaches how to perform this task?


If you want to get user onboarding data before signup, for that you need to save that data in the states and then at signup save that data to the database.

This is what I did when I implemented same feature in one of my app.

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I went ahead. But now i have an issue.
I have a list of tags as data type for my users. Which I am trying to add from 2 different screens with checkboxes. But apparently they are not compatible with the state ( a list as well).

Any idea on how to set states for a list? Do checkboxes not work in general?
What could be an alternativ?


You can use 2 states for saving the checked tags and at the end add both states values to your tag field.

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ok. So what you are saying is, that instead of using a list as a state, I should rather use a state for each checkbox (I do have probably 10 or more).


No, you told that you have list of tags in 2 different screens. That’s why I said that use different states for both screens. And merge both state values while signing up the user.

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Yes. That is what I am trying to do in the screenshot I shared above:
with the button “next” I am trying to change a state. For the next screen I would have created a second state (tags2). The first step was another state called “donna” (female).
But as you can see I cannot set the states with the checkboxes in that screen.


Is you state value is list or single?

And why you are setting two states on step 3 next button? As you told you have tags in 2 deferent screen.

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I’ve set the tags as a list. I have another state in order to know if the user clicked un the button or aborted.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 11.33.38

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