Creating a value out of a group of values

Hey guys, simple simple question I guess, but can’t seem to do it - I have a group of text fields (see image below) - and I’d like the user to select only one of those fields before moving onto the next. 1

But I can’t seem to:

             a) Set the value of the group to the selected number

             b) Set the background/border style of the selected value to be a permanent change rather than a change that happens on click (i.e. if i click it, it goes to my setting of a black background and white text but then changes back to normal) 

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


@loh.alvin, you just need to keep your value types consistent.

First of all, I’d suggest using inputs to display the numbers to make things super easy because the input can be set to the same type as the custom state, and when you can enter “input’s value” as the value of the custom state in the action. As long as the input’s type and state’s type are the same, you’re good to go. You can also style an input to have no border, be disabled (user can’t type/change it), and basically look exactly like a text.

However, if you want to stick with your text:

  • Whether your custom state “group number’s duration” is a number or text, you should be able to type into the value. So, When 30 is clicked, type in “30” as the value.

  • For the styling condition, you need to use the custom state’s value as the condition. So, on the 30 text, add a condition for “When Group number’s duration is 30” > change styles.

“is pressed” literally means only when the user is holding their click.

Hope this helps!

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Really helpful! I couldn’t get the input to work as it wouldn’t show in my group so I just changed it back to text. However, I am having another hiccup! Once I’ve selected the text and the styles change, I can’t deselect/disable the other options! HELP!!

Many thanks again!

You should add a condition to all of the options so that when the custom state’s value is not empty > the element is not clickable (thus, preventing the workflow from running).

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