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Creating an activity feed with dynamic links to pages within app

I’m trying to create a basic activity feed where users can view recent activity that occurred within the app and click on the activity entry to link to another page. Activity such as: “Joe liked a post created by Jane” would be shown, where the word “post” is a dynamic link to a page showing that post within my application.

I am struggling to create a dynamic link to the post within the editor. I’ve tried structuring the action to create a new Activity Entry when the “like” button is clicked where Text for the Activity Entry thing is: Text = Joe Liked a post created by Current Page Thing’s Creator’s Name

Any advice on how to make this work?

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If you haven’t already done this:

  1. When the user likes a post, save the user and any information you need about the post (likely this is the type you set on the Post page). Save the text as usual.
  2. Create a link that has the destination page set to the Post page, and the Data to send to the Post you saved when the user clicked (or any other data structure)
  3. Most of the link can be build dynamically by mixing in text and dynamic expressions

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