Creating An "Add Another Field" Feature

I want to create a webform that has a phone number field… Then I want to have a link under it called “Add Another Number”. At that point, when clicked, another field appears for a second phone number… SEE THE VIDEO (below)

Create some more data types:

Then under your main contact data type add each of those but make them lists. Then your workflow when you click the “add another email” it would just create a new Contact Email, then add that result to the Contact’s list of Emails.

Then on your “Add another email” button you add a conditional so if the Contact’s emails:count > 4 (if 4 is your max) then make the button not clickable.

You would also want to add repeating groups for each datatype so it displays the contact’s emails, phones ,etc.

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Thanks @tylerboodman ! That is it! That’s GREAT!

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Hi @marcusfarmer44

You can do it , something like this - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank you very much @ankur1

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@tylerboodman not quite the same issue, but do you think I could use this approach to create the processes, separators and sub-groups I’m trying to do. I asked for help on the post below, but haven’t had any feedback yet.

Yes quickly looking at your post seems like it would be pretty much the same approach.

When using the Drag and Drop plugin for reordering, you’ll need to make a new number field for the order they are in. Then when you drag a group it needs to take the two that would be around it and average that number, then that becomes the new number for your group you dragged.