Creating an alert for mobile users only!

Hey everyone! I’m just wondering, is it possible to make an alert show only to users who are using a mobile device to view my website? My site is used by all sorts of devices, and I’d like to let mobile users know its best used on a computer. However I don’t want an annoying alert for everyone, just mobile users. Thanks.

There is a very good plugin called Native Share, I think you need to pay a small price for it but it will allow you to do workflow conditions like: Native share device is “Android” and Native share device is “iPhone” for example. It may help you.

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Another option would be to use a condition ‘Only when: Current page width<600’ on a popup or page load.


The question here is, "WHAT, exactly, is it that you want to do if the user is on a mobile device?’ Various browser APIs will expose that in the given context.

The broader question is whether you need to do that at all.

tl;dr: What are you trying to do, exactly?

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I’m just trying to let mobile users know, that my website is best used on a laptop or desktop.

I didn’t even think about that. Thanks!

Thank you.