Creating an API endpoint for connection to my Bubble app

Hi all,

I am creating an endpoint for a payment provider to send me transaction acknowledgement messages.

In their documentation they state the following:

For this channel, the Biller must use secure HTTP (HTTPS) to receive the Biller Notification message from BNS. The certificate must be issued by a Certificate Authority i.e. Verisign, Thawte, GeoTrust, MSC Trustgate, etc. (Note: Self-signed certificates are not allowed).

For EVERY Biller Notification message, BNS will invoke a HTTPS web service call, which will contain the relevant information. The Biller Notification message will be sent in JSON format and will contain the message details. It will be a POST to the registered URL of the Biller and the Biller is required to acknowledge once the message is received.

For this HTTPS Channel, the Biller must register the end-point HTTPS URL in theNBPS Biller Portal. Example URL:

Can I check with you guys on the following:

a) If Certificate an issue? I do not really understand the certificate part. Is our SSL issued by Bubble self signed or comply with those requirements above?

b) Can Bubble public API provide acknowledgement?