Creating an onboarding sequence with multiple users from the same team

I’m trying to work through how to allow for the following:

  1. Create a new user
  2. Create a company account
  3. Invite additional users to that same company account
  4. All users on the company account contribute to onboarding the company

Based on walkthroughs I’ve seen, this should be fairly simple. But I’m having a hard time maintaining the access to the shared company account by multiple users at the same time.

When I create an account as user 1, the account is created, the company is created, and I can proceed through onboarding as that same user with the correct company account.

But when I send an invite to a teammate, they inevitably end up on the onboarding sequence, but without the correct account anchoring their experience.

I’ve attached details of how I’m trying to maintain the thread of the company account throughout the sign up sequence.

The first screenshot is of the email that’s sent to the teammate invited to contribute to onboarding. Notice that I’m pulling the company’s slug (which is established when I create a new company account) to maintain the thread of the access to the company.

The second screenshot is what happens when user 2 accepts the invitation and signs up. I couldn’t figure out how to send the company slug or define the company through the page content type, so I’m trying to use URL parameters to read the current page account’s company name. This inevitably appears as a blank after this event fires, and I can’t figure out why because I’ve interacted with the current account page in earlier events in this same sequence, so I can’t figure out why it’s not firing.

Was hoping typing this out would rubber duck it for me, but I think I must be missing something. Please let me know if you see what I’m missing or need more screenshots for context.

Here are the promised screenshots.