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Creating and adding data to lists from selections

Hi there. I’m building a purchase order, and wonder if anyone can give me some hints on how to solve this problem.

To get a better understanding of what I’m trying to do: A product can have multiple variants. For example, a hoodie can have different sizes and colors. Let’s say a product is “Cool Hoodie”, and the hoodie has variants like “Black Medium”, “Black Large”, “Pink Small”. Sometimes, I only want to select “Black Medium”, and not other variants within a product.

To save the quantity for each product selected, I have made a datatype called “product line” (to not store the quantity on the product itself). Product line has a “product”, “quantity” and “variant line (list)” field.

I figured out that maybe each variant of a product needs a “variant line” to store the quantity of each variant?

How can I from a repeating group of “products”, select multiple products, and product’s variant(s), then create out of the selections, “product lines” and “variant lines”?

Really appreciate if someone can help me out.