Creating Android apps for starters

My web-app is ready on bubble.
I need it to make push notifications based on automatic triggers so making it an app is mandatory.
Some recommend phonegap others recommend gonative.
Which is best/easiest option for non technical “developers”?

Hello! Sue from Dropsource here. You might find our platform a good fit for your project, we have lots of users who have created native apps for both Android and iOS which they connected to Bubble data (we have a tutorial on doing that), and we support push notifications. Quite a few of our community members use both Bubble and Dropsource, so you can connect to them for advice on our forum.


I give a thumbs-up for Dropsource. I tend to push people toward native solutions whenever possible, and a tool (and company) like Dropsource makes that easy.

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Hi Sue,
I would like to know how the push notification system works.
where do I personalize the actions originated by triggers such as: User has a new follower -> text ABC should appear?
Do I need to build a workflow on bubble or on dropsource?
Is it possible to send different push notifications at different times to our different user segements? on bubble or dropsource?

Hi @ll1, in Dropsource you can currently only receive push notifications from third party services including OneSignal and Firebase. We have tutorials on setting those up:

To connect push notifications to your Bubble data you would need to integrate Bubble with the notification service you’re using. A few of our users have achieved that - you can connect to them for advice on our forum also:

when are you publishing your app?

Bubble app has been public for months.
I hope to publish native app ASAP, push notifications are giving me a hard time. They are essential so can´t move on until I find an easy and reliable push notification service. That´s what I´m looking at now.

After setting up your push notifications following the tutorials @sue shared (I’ve been very successful with thr onsesignal) you can send the notifications from bubble using api workflow. Technically you can do it from Dropsource by creating a swagger api spec for sending notifications. But I wouldn’t advice you go that route because there are already plugins in bubble for sending notifications to onesignal.
So what you can do is that you define an api workflow in bubble that sends a notification. Then you will call this api endpoint from an action in dropsource.
So for example when a user clicks on a like button you call the api workflow passing the ID of the user that clicked the button and the person they followed.
So here your api workflow will have two parameters.
To send a notification to all users is pretty simple.
But in your case since you will be sending sending to a specific user.
To do this you will need to save save the onesignal player ID of each user.
Search this forum and the dropsource forum for how to do this.

Thanks a lot @seanhoots these explanations are over my technical understanding. I have requested a pro to help me find the best option between:

Hey @ll1,
It’s understandable, though sometimes some of us explain things in a way that make it look more daunting that it really is just because we’re not by a computer where we can give step by step screenshots, or because the answers can be found in the forum so we provide a high level overview to guide you where to search.

Personally i don’t think you should base your choice on the platform/framework to base on push notification, since all the options you’re looking at allow you to do push notifications easily.
A person who knows how to do this can do it in a matter of few minutes.
For example, doing push notification using bubble+dropsource+onesignal can be done in 5 minutes if you know what you’re doing.

Choosing between dropsource, gonative, or phonegap should be based on other requirements of your project and definitely not push notification.

Makes complete sense, worst thing is I know that´s happening while a make the choice. However I have to stick to being lean, and (sadly) being able to advance by myself is mandatory right now.

Hi Sue,

I started using Dropsource but can´t understand your tutorial (I´m not a techy)
Just so you know, bubble video-tutorials made a very big difference for me at the start.

¿Would you have any video tutorials about connecting bubble to dropsource?
I started a post asking people to give me a quotation as it seems impossible for me.


Hi @ll1,
There is a video tutorial on connecting Dropsource to Bubble on the dropsource websites, which in my opinion should be understable to non-techies.

Hi @ll1, if you just plan on wrapping your Bubble app in a web view this section of our documentation covers that:

However I would reiterate the advice @seanhoots gave you on our forum, it’s not a good plan to do that if you plan on publishing your app via the App Store.