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Creating API from my project

I am new to API development and i think Bubble can help me.

I would like to search my database for a Crewmember with a particular ID Number (field in DB) and account status.

How do i go about this? I have created and endpoint called validatecrew and from there i am not quite sure what to do next.


Do you mean you’re trying to make an API call from outside the app? You don’t need to set up a endpoint for this

If you really want to access this outside your Bubble app, you create your API endpoint, add the ID Number as a parameter. Then you add an action from Data (Things) -> Return data from API. Here you do a search for crewmembers using the ID parameter that you receive from the API request.

Makes sense?

If you only need to access your data from your Bubble app, forget about the API feature of Bubble. You have direct access to all data directly in the app (sorry if this is obvious, but you never know…).

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Thanks so much. This helped.