Creating chart data to logg user actions

I want to see how many actions of different kind users do per day. It’s not possible to feed this data (sum of created Things for specific day) into the chart plugin. So one needs to do the sums and store them in a separate thing.

I don’t do this in realtime on all pages when it happens. This since it takes time and increases the complexity of the code (what, Bubble has no code! Ok, logic :)).

I do the calculation on my sys_admin_page, where I view the data (chart). Since I’m so interested I tend to look at the chart every day. Therefore I only need to calculate yesterday and today to get an updated chart. But, I also have a button forcing an update of earlier values.

I also use the same STAT thing for many apps and therefore have fields for app and action.

Note that the date value is set to hours = 0, minutes = 0, seconds = 0.

Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

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