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Creating dynamic ICS package for iCal

Im trying to figure out a way to create a dynamic iCal package. So when user want to join an event in my app, they have the opportunity to download the iCal package directly to their “native” calendar. Has someone an idea how to do that?

kind regards

@keith to the rescue? I think he did this. :slight_smile:

Actually, my app does not spit out “calendar invite” type appointment files.

But I thought that was built into Bubble? Isn’t there an action for email an appointment or email a calendar invite or something? (Which are of type .ics.)

(The thing I did build is not completely unrelated, but it doesn’t solve the OP’s problem. I built a couple of external micro services that parse iCal URLs and return JSON / take events from Bubble and build an iCal file.)

Hi Keith
This thread is a bit dated but was looking for help on parsing ical URLS and returning JSON / events inside bubble / build an ical (return values)
I see that you have done this already - could you share an example or an editor or just point me in the right direction?
Would be a massive help