Creating entry by dropdown list or some other search box?


How do I create a dynamic dropdown list where the user may

search the existing company names,
if exists selects it,
if it does not exist enter a new company name?

Hey @marko

You can use the multi-dropdown for this - make sure you check the ‘user can create entries’ checkbox

Else you can have a simple dropdown along with an input field and a button next to it. Create a workflow when button is clicked to add the input’s value to the existing list of Companies. It will then appear in the dynamic dropdown

Thanks ambroisedlg,

I think the second option will be better for me, since every user should link to only one company. But how am I going to implement an input field into a dropdown list?

Alright @marko the way I see it, you’ll need the input next to the dropdown, I don’t think you can implement it in the dropdown. You can however put the input field and button in a group and set that group to be visible only when dropdown’s value is empty for example

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