Creating FREE Custom Shortlinks with your Domain Name via Cloudflare and

Here’s a free way to connect your domain name to a service that forwards links.

Step 1: Make sure your domain is on They are usually cheaper than other companies.

Step 2: Go into your domain and go to PAGE RULES.

Set it up like so:

URL:* (you can replace the ‘x’ with anything. Just make sure you don’t have a page there!)




That’s -$1 on the end (hyphen, money symbol, 1)

Essentially, anything typed where the * is in the first part is put into the $1.

The format for a link is: (that’s where the hyphen comes in)

Step 3: Sign up for an account on

Now every link you add on that has a NAME will become the shortlink name.

In conclusion, will forward to which will then forward to whatever you have saved for that link.

Questions/Comments? Email [email protected]

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