Creating group feature like Pinterest

Hi , i am working on a group feature similar to pinterest where i can add multibple pages in 1 collection with specific name ,so i added a " save" button in the page and create a workflow/create new data : with Input “collection name” value … My question here : How i can save the value of the Whole page i want to add it to the collection ?

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I don’t think it’s possible to save the whole page as you wish. What is the type of “Collection App”?

Thanks jaos for the reply , the feature is similar to pinterst creating new boards , i want t collect multiple product under 1 collection [ each product exist in 1 page and contain relative data such as image ,name ,description ,ID ] ,for example if i have 10 product i want to select 5 similar product and put it in " Mobile "Collection for example

Alright, never used pinterest before…:upside_down_face: On every user, have a list of collections. On every collection, have a list of products. When a user creates a new collection or modify a collection, add the selected product to the list of products that’s on the collection. The products are the ones that have the images, names, description etc. When a user adds a product, it could be the group that you chose to display the product. However, when you build your workflows like this you have to be careful with your DB structure. Don’t know if I’ve understood your purpose right. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

You should use pinterest ,It’s Awesome Website :slight_smile: , Your analysis is Correct Jaos , but how i can add the product to my collection ?in the above screen shot , i have created “Collection App " to my data and select the " Field Type " : Product /List but what the Value of " collection App” ? and how it will display in the Data ?

Actually created an account yesterday :grinning:. I’ve made an example for you. The designs are up to you but the principle stays the same:

Here’s the editor:

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Thanks A lot jaos , you made it looks so easy :clap: , You are Awesome , the secret was by set the value for Collection App = “the value of the group” in my case … Thanks Again

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