Creating & Handling data. Dev and Live Site

Hey guys,
I dunno how to properly convey this but I’m concerned on how to handle data on daily basis.

I’m creating a site which mostly has entries made by me on the backend. I make changes to the app data or entries everyday and create new ones everyday.

Should I create these entries on the Dev and then push it to live site everyday? Or should I directly create these entries on the live site?

On a daily basis which would be the most efficient? Or is there any other way to do it?

For example, I curate job opportunities everyday. Should I curate it on Dev and then copy it to live database or create directly on live database?

Please guide me on the right way to do it

I use the TEST database for testing only. I hardly ever take the TEST to LIVE. The other direction, yes, every now and then I need LIVE data to play with it and I bring it to TEST.

My personal guidance would be to make it easy on myself. Why would I want to go through the extra effort? Safety? I mean, you could simply delete the entry you just created? Backup? Maybe, but you have xx days of roll back available on paid plans.

I wouldn’t do it.

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