Creating holiday package with complexity

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I have built an app for holiday packages where I can create a holiday eg: 4 Days Dubai named Dubai Bonanza with hotel stay, transfers, city tour etc. and priced at $300 per adult $ 200 per child. This price is valid till March 31st 2023.

Currently, this package does not have a start date: meaning~ The day I make it live it is the start date and the end date is as above, March 31st 2023.


I want to create the start date and validity date

With variants as follows:

The same package Dubai Bonanza has several different prices for different periods but all other ingredients or inclusions remaining the same

Dubai Bonanza everything the same except prices.

  1. Nov 17 to Dec 22nd

  2. Dec 23 to Dec 29th

  3. Dec 30,31, Jan 01st

  4. Jan 02- Mar 31st

Other than the above, there are black out dates: where the hotel or service is not available. Let’s say Dec 12, 17, 22. So, anyone wanting to book a holiday of 4 days, they should not be able to book dates which consist of Dec 12, 17, 22 meaning Dec 10/11/12, 11/12/13, 12/13/14, so on.

Any solution would be a great help!!!




Hi there, @narayan… if I understand your post correctly, you could consider having a data type that has fields for a package, a date range, a price, and a list of blockout dates (with the latter possibly being stored on the package itself). Given the example you described, the Dubai Bonanza package would have four records in this new data type, one for each of the date ranges you specified, and each record would have its own price. With those records in place, you would be able to show the appropriate price to the user based on the dates of their trip.

Anyway, just food for thought there, and I hope it helps.


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Thanks Mike, let me try this out

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