Creating individual user accounts

Howdy Bubblers!

My web app allows users to update in real time an online form.

The form is really simple to fill and only has 12 fields into which data is entered.

I have already created the ‘Sign up’ page and the ‘form’. Both appear to be storing data in their respective databases accordingly. The form is ‘STANDARDIZED’ from one account to another!

I would like to learn and understand how a user can log into their newly created account and edit the form anytime 24/7.

I’m extremely new to Bubble and want to know exactly how to create the process whereby the user can enter their account to view/edit the form.

Could someone offer guidance to me in how I could build the user account so it displays the form???

Thank you.


Hi John,

There’s an action that you can use to sign a user up and create an account, for example. Similarly, there is an action to sign a user in using the email and password they provide. You should use those functions here, then allow them to submit the form after signing in.

To edit the form, they could sign back into their account and have access to update their responses. This would probably be the same form, but the answers can be pre-populated based on their initial response using the Initial content field in the input elements on the page.


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It is my understanding that what I’m looking for is called a ‘profile’.

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