Creating Invoices out of Repeating Group data

So I am to the invoicing portion of my app.

The app is a TMS and every RG cell is an order with a price. Once several orders are complete, I would like to combine them into a weekly invoice… this way the customer gets one invoice with all of the orders totaled instead of 100 invoices. I can’t quite think through how to make this work.

The price is added at the beginning so the data is already in the order. I can’t figure out how to reference that data to sum.

You may add a field (let us name it invoiced?) of type yes/no (with NO as a default value) to the order datatype, and use set/cancel recurring event to get the orders with invoiced? is no and combine them in an invoice then change NO to YES

I do have a field for invoice status as a SO. Options are Un-Audited, Audited, and Invoiced. On the RG for Audited orders, how to I combine the orders into an invoice?

What exactly do you mean by this? What specific thing do you want to happen in your app?