Creating list of lists of lists

Hi. I have this on my Data: User, Kid, and Behavior.
The User has a list of Kids.
The Kids have a list of Behaviors.

I have this repeating group of Kids that when clicked, navigates to the individual page of the Kid. Then on that page, I wanted to create a repeating group of Behaviors just for that certain Kid but I’m having a hard time figuring it out. All the Behaviors created by the User appear on that repeating group (that is supposedly dedicated to a certain Kid). It doesn’t show Behaviors exclusively.

Do you know if there’s any link to tutorials that might help me solve this one? Or if someone’s here can share ideas on how to do it, I will appreciate it. Thanks!

The data source of your RG should just be current page’s Kid’s behaviors.

If this doesn’t work, post a screen shot of your RG data source and we can help trouble shoot.

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Hello @ggaranas18 welcome to the community!

Perhaps these videos could help. The concepts therein may complement your current approach:

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Thank you!
I will look into it and see if it works for my project.

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Check out my app here.

It goes manager(user) → employee → job achievement

Or my other

If this is what you’re looking for I may be able to provide some guidance!

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Thank you for your recommended links!! It helped a lot. :smile:

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