Creating mobile apps

Hey Joy,

I am having a hard time understanding how to do this “layer” thing. I know it is a good practice to have multiple groups on one page, but how does it actually work? Like how do you actually have multiple layers, and still able to edit each layer individually?

You use the hide able element section on the left, above the new elements palette. Once you’ve made an element not visible by default, by clicking on the checkbox at the bottom of the property editor, it’ll show up there and you can show/hide it to edit them individually.


Is it possible for someone using a mobile app made with bubble make a call from within the app?

I believe you can use a link element with the URL “tel:+1800229933”


thanks…will try that

Knock knock - any update on this ??

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So many things we all want…so little time…


I do understand that catering to every whim of your clientele immediately is among unrealistic expectations.
But regarding the mobile apps section - what functionality is planned to be available? Can we access the functions of the device? Camera? NFC? anything else? @emmanuel ?

We’ll have as many native features as we can, but we can’t commit much before we start exploring more the technology there. There is a bit of unknown in terms of what we can do.

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