Creating Multiple-Choice Personality Test Data Help

Okay I’m trying to basically build a personality test

I think I’m complicating things - let me know if I did too much and could simplify

For data structures I have:


-lots of stuff not relevant

-Answer (List of Answers selected by user for each question****? < need help here) End goal is to be able to display the current users’ selected answers elsewhere in the app


-Name (text)

-Answers (list of Answers from below)

-Category (Category (text))
-Subcategory (Category (text))


-Answer Text (text)

-Number (number, 1-5 for listing in order)

-Which Question ( Question (text)


-Name (text)

-Subcategories (list of Subcategories below)


-Name (text)

-Category (Category (text))

Basically the personality test has Categories, each of which has subcategories, for every question.

Every question will have 5 answers but those answers will change based on the particular question

I’d like them to be able to select an option, store that option, and then display the selected answers on the User dashboard

I almost got there using a bunch of nested repeating groups (Category > Subcategory > Question > Answers as a radial button

But can’t figure out how to tie the selected answer to the user object so I can manipulate the displayed data based on the selection.

I would settle for using radio buttons for the actual answers mapped to the user as my desired end result

Thanks in advance

According to my understanding what you can do is you can create another data type “My Question Answers” And in this sata type can add fields
1.) Question–> Question
2.) Answer–>Answer
3.)User–> creator of both above questions and Answer

Now you can add an extra List field to “user” data type
My Question-Answer–> Which is List of My Question Answers

But Use this only List remain under 50 items , but if it exceeds instead of making a List "Do a search for " is an better option.
Hope this helps

Okay thank you the very last thing I think I’m confused on is this part:

When option 1 is selected, it would be on the list for the user

When the user selects any other option, I need the option to remove all of the other selections for this question and then add the new selection.

How can I “clear” the selection for this question only without clearing the entire user list?

According to mu understanding what you are asking is, For a paticular Question answer record (Question is fixed ) but answer can be edited in the future but the user. Now you want to ask when a questions answer is edited or cleared it do not make any changes to the entire list?

Tell me If I am right so that i can help you?

Yes, the solution here is a Question Answer which contains just a Question, Answer, and User. Your current list method will not be functional. Some of the stuff below will be relevant to you: