Creating multiple entries per user based upon number value

Hey everyone,

I currently am building a web app for my friends and I but I am stuck with particular problem.

Feature summary
The ability to create a league that has a list of users and teams. The total number of teams owner by each user will be configured by the current user.
e.g I create a new league that has 4 users and 2 teams per user. The will result is a league with 8 teams with 2 teams owned by each user.

Problem context
I have 4 data types
User = top level users of the application
League = database of leagues linked to users and league.teams.
League.Teams = database of teams linked to a league, user and team.
Team = database of teams

  1. The current user creates a new new thing (league).
  2. The current user selects an integer value for the total Users and League.Teams (4 users, 2 league.teams).
  3. The current user searches for users via a Searchbox and selects the users to be displayed in a repeater group. A total of 4 users have been selected and then the thing (league) is changed to include the list of users.
  4. The users selected have had the League added to their list of Leagues field in the user database
  5. This is the step I am stuck at. The current user now needs to select League.Teams per user based upon the integer configured previously.

For step 5, In the UI I want to display a repeating group of the list of users with another repeating group inside for the list of League.Teams per user. For this to happen, I need to create all the League.Teams per user entries in preparation to populate the repeating group. In this case it would a total of 8 entries (2 teams per user). The League.Teams repeating group will include a Searchbox returning Teams for the current user to select. After the teams have all been selected, I will then make changes to the Team field per entry in the League.Team database. This last step i cannot seem to workout.

Any help will be much appreciated. If my current approach is not the best pathway, I am open to hearing other solutions.


Thanks, the context is clear. What’s the problem you’re having? Creating a search to actually do what you want? The workflow to create those League.Teams?

The workflow to create those League.Teams.