Creating multiple orders

Given: Marketplace where Customers can buy items from multiple shops
Task: when customers checkouts create order for each shop order with items from checkout basket

this is workflow how i imagine it

what variables should be emphasized?


You have to trigger an “API Workflow on a list”, where the list is your basket’s items.

Every single action of the API workflow will be to create a single order.

You can use this to transfer money to the seller, or creating a PDF invoice, sending a confirmation mail…

well this API workflow thing is the only i didnt get 101 with

if i got you correct i need to create custom event that creates order
then trigger api workflow on a list which will run custom event create order for each item in checkout Repeating group if such exists right?

Yes, that’s precisely it !

That function is very powerful, but (you’ll see), its implementation is not that intuitive. But if you got the principle as you enounce it now, things should go straight on.

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thank you, will try to get back with implementation.

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Do I have to be on the paid plan in order to trigger API workflow on a list?

Not sure but I don’t think so. If you try adding an action in some workflow, select “Custom event”. Do you see the option “Schedule API workflow on a list” ?

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So, it looks like the option you mention (“Schedule API workflow on a list”) is there but… not working for the free-plan. This is what my settings tab says:

I just tried in test mode and… no dice.

You need to upgrade to at least Personal to get access to the scheduled workflows