Creating multiple things at once


I’m trying to find a way to create multiple things at once. My use case will be to create variants for my customer’s products. For example, My customer is selling shoes, this shoe comes in different colors and sizes. When my customer adds the color variant (ex: blue and red) and then all the sizes variants, I want to create new things named (blue and all the sizes, and red and all the sizes ) at once. Something like the Shopify variant tool. My end goal is to keep track of their inventory. So when a red shoe size 12 is sold, it gets automatically deducted from their inventory.

I’ll be more than thankful if someone helps solve this one.


Creating multiple things at once requires the ability to iterate over some inputs. You have 2 options to do this:

  1. If you are on a paid plan you can use backend workflows, or

  2. You can use the “List Shifter” plugin

If you have a search around the forums there are plenty of threads showing how to iterate with either.


Hey Rob,

These were pretty good suggestions. I’ll let you know if either one works.


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