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Creating new changes in database and keep the old one

Hello, I am beginner and can somebody help me to solve a problem? I am creating app for CPD points and I have problem with how to add changes to current use but to keep the old one in same database. for example I have form to create new member (name, email, phone, membership id…) on one page [type of content: User). I have created same fields in database ‘User’. Then when member create profile he have option to upload new CPD event each time he attended event. for that purpose I have new Page ‘Add CPD’ which include fields like [activity, Code, CPD Date, description, …]. They need to fill this fields and bubble needs to storage info in database connected to user which fill the form. My question is how to do that. I tried with ‘Create a new thing’ and Change a thing’ in workflow but still doesn’t work. I am missing something. How to connect to storage data from that page to logged in user and to be visible in database in one line and also each time he add new event to be saved and to keep old data connected with user. Because at some point I need to see who attended which event? Can somebody give me tips about this? Thanks