Creating new data things from two data sources


I want to be able to choose two data sources and merge the results into a new thing and store in my data base.

Data source one: Users - each user has email’ name’ company’ parent company etc
Data source two: Training content - this has URL (YouTube)’ name’ company etc

I want to be able to choose a list of users from a company and ‘subscribe’ them to learning content.

What essentially happens here is that we take (arbitrary numbers) 10 users and subscribe them to 3 pieces of training content’ thus creating 30 new rows in a data base called Subscribed.

In this data base the subscribed content will dictate what the user will see when they log on to the platform.

I have attempted to figure this out for two days and I am on the verge of calling it a day and cancelling my subscription.

This should be fairly straight forward, and is pretty much done exactly as you’ve already described…

What part exactly are you having trouble with?..

Just create a new datatype (i.e. Subscribed), with a field for User, and a field for Training Content (and any other relevant fields)…

Then when a User Subscribes to a Training Content, just create a new Subscribed entry, with the appropriate User and Training Content.

Then use the Subscribed datatype to determine what Training Content the User has access to.

If you can be more specific with the issue you’re having, I’m sure someone can give you some more specific help.

It’s simple enough for creating a single thing, but Bubble does not have a straight forward way to create mass subscriptions i.e. “10 users and subscribe them to 3 pieces of training content’ thus creating 30 new rows in a data base called Subscribed.”

I want to be able to do this at scale, not one by one.

The simplest way to do it is to use a backend workflow to create the entries… you can either run it on a list of things, or run it recursively to create multiple database entries…

Alternatively there are some plugins that allow you to iterate and loop directly in on-page workflows (off the top of my head I’m not sure which would be most suitable here, but if you search the forum I’m sure you’ll find more info)

But personally I’d just go the backend workflow route…

The API is adding all of the values into the one cell as opposed to each value per row.

Do you have any articles, guides that I could follow?