Creating new entry from reusable popup, but repeating group does not update

I’m surprised I’ve never noticed this before as I’m pretty sure I’ve done this without a problem.

In my app, I have a reusable popup that creates a new entry. On the page, there is a repeating group that should live update with the new entry. However, it does not display until I refresh the page.

It seems this question has come up several times on the forums without an answer. Before I file a bug report, has anyone found a solution or something specific that breaks the live update?


Yeah, this is a huge problem, I’m surprised not many people are talking about this


Another guy ran into it

All of my data was deleted - Bugs - Bubble Forum

Gonna link my thread here as well
Data in hidden groups / repeating groups not displaying - Bugs - Bubble Forum

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@wegetdesign @nocodeventure were you guys able to get your problem fixed?

I have been seeing this lately with other clients as well. Please report it as a bug so Bubble can fix it. It just started happening last week I believe :blush: