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Creating pre-designed templates for end users to select and use

Id like my application to have pre-designed templates (which I would create) and the end user can select one of these as a starting point. It could be a pre-designed flyer template or cover letter template. Each template may contain different theme colors, background styles, etc…

How would I approach setting something like this up (just some ideas to point me in the right direction please)?

To display the templates Id need a repeating group but Im not sure how I would store the created templates (multiple groups, text elements with different font sizes, colors etc…) which is where things get foggy for me…

How I would save these groups has me stumped or maybe Im just thinking about this all wrong?


Like a form builder. Each template shall have its own UI within the single row in the rg that displays to the user just the one he/she chose. You can have a single row that is very tall (in the tens of thousand of pixels) if necessary to accommodate all of your different templates. Some of those may have slight variations that do not require a different UI (like color or content variations).

Hope the above makes sense.

Hi @cmarchan

How would I save each templates UI? Because one template could be made up of multiple different group elements (rearranged differently, have different colors ect…).

My Initial thought was to have a button for each design that once clicked would take the user to that template page but this just didn’t seem like the right approach because I would be creating a page for each template which could be a lot of pages.

Ideally Id have one page to display all designed elements so that no matter which template is selected the user would be taken to that page but how to save the template itself has me lost.